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    ТЕМА: Can't Download Music

    Can't Download Music 3 мес., 2 нед. назад #241924

    • kesizewi
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    I just got a Nexus 5X with Google Fi, I was previously on a Nexus 5 with AT&T. I am trying to redownload my music for offline play. While it is frustrating that I cannot just hit download on my library, I can hit download on the "Last Added" auto playlist, which is essentially the same thing. So I hit the download button and things start moving but somewhere between 10-15% I get the "Can't Download Music, Will Try Again Later" message. no matter what, it will not download any further from this point. It will attempt to start downloading again quite a few times but always holds at 0% and then throws the error again. Of a 9.4gb playlist I am unable to get more than ~2gb downloaded. Some help would be appreciated. I have tried clearing Play Music's cache, clearing data and retrying, and even building a new playlist from scratch. The new 2.7gb playlist does the same thing as the last added one?

    Please help.

    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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