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    0x80070019 Store Error for the Movies & TV Update
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    ТЕМА: 0x80070019 Store Error for the Movies & TV Update

    0x80070019 Store Error for the Movies & TV Update 3 мес. назад #242000

    • kesizewi
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    Cannot update the Movies & TV app and cannot open it because of that since a week! (L735 on 14939.321 [had a hard reset without back up on .189. So the system is pretty clean and I have no SD card]). By the way, all the other apps and games are updating and installing. Also I have no problem other than this one.
    I don't have time for a hard reset. Maybe downloading updated Movies & TV app's appx to install it manually works... Because store downloads the app normally, but error is given when it's finishing the installation. Well, anyone have that file? Or other solution than a hard reset?

    Please help.

    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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